Onion prices fall, how much will Indian onions cost

Onion prices fell sharply in kitchen markets following the government’s decision to allow import of onion from India. Prices of onions dropped by up to Tk 20 a kg in the capital’s Shaymbazar and Karwan Bazar, and Chattogram’s Khatunganj on Monday. Prices fell after the agriculture minister said on Sunday that the Plant Quarantine Wing … Read more

Economy bears the brunt of flawed policies

The entire economy is paying the price for artificially holding onto the dollar rate. Bangladesh Bank had held on to the dollar rate for many years. However, when the economy faced a crisis and dollar earnings fell, Bangladesh was at a loss about how to tackle the situation. The impact of the dollar crisis is … Read more

US slashes garment imports by almost one-fourth

US retailers and brands this year have slashed import of readymade garments from various countries by almost one-fourth. As a result, readymade garment exports to this market from China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India and Indonesia have dropped. Among these five countries, garment export from China, Vietnam and Indonesia has decreased the most. This information appeared in … Read more